Established in 1996, Shandong Rongfeng Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd is situated at the hinterland of Yellow River Delta on Huabei Plain which borders Bohai Bay on the north and Yellow River on the south, resulting in bountiful supply of food crops and fishery resources. The company is a joint-stock enterprise with fix asset exceeding RMB100,000,000.00 (USD16,000,000.00). It is mainly focusing on marine biological research & development, agricultural and sideline products deep processing and fermentation.There are four production base belong to it,they are Fish Meal Factory,Soybean Meal Factory,Gluten Meal Factory and Meat and Bone Meal Factory.Its main products being the following: Fish Meal, Fish Oil, Shrimp Meal, Artemia Cysts, Meat and Bone Meal, Fermented Soybean Meal, Fermented Cottonseed Meal.Moreover,there are some albumen powder products,such as Corn Gluten Meal,Wheat Gluten Meal,Rice Gluten Meal,Jujube Meal etc.   Shandong Rongfeng Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. has set up a scientific research and development system comprising design, research & development and commercialization of scientific achievements. Therefore, the company’s outstanding technical capability has become its cornerstone which underpins the development of the company.   Based on the principles of "Environmental Protection", "Realism & Innovation" and" Mutual Benefit", the company has successfully developed the domestic and global market. Apart from numbers of domestic customers, it also has plentiful customers from Europe, Africa, Aust... 【more】
  • Soybean Meal Dynamics
    Soybean Meal Dynamics

            The domestic aquaculture industry has not yet started, the price of soybean meal continues to fall to around US$365 due to the impact of the African swine fever epidemic.  

  • Fish meal Dynamics
    Fish meal Dynamics

            The Peruvian Ministry of Production announced that it has suspended southern fishing since February 10. Imarpe has successfully completed the southern cruise last week, and Lima’s visit to the north-central part of March 6 has been opened as planned. So far Peru’s first catch season in the south of 2019 continued to be banned. A total of 159,750 tons of fish...

  • Corn Price Dynamics
    Corn Price Dynamics

    Recently, corn prices have stopped falling and stabilized . In order to ensure the normal operation of the factory and product quality, our company has newly imported 50,000 tons of high-quality corn from the three northeastern provinces to fill the warehouse vacancies.